Friday, 23 April 2010

What To Do - Part 3

Yo' Doctor Who's a fat muffin Fury!

That simself is toast. It's time to kick some ass.

No Fury, don't you see thats what they want.
I don't care, they abused my missis.
Don't you mean mr?
Okay...well think think...

Eureka! I have it!

What what what. I want some hiney kickin' involved.

All in good time my friend, all in good time. Now listen to this.

Amgs thats a great idea.
Beat you!

Hey that's cheating, no fair! Fire isn't playing properly wafflecakepancakes!
Oh hush child and keep running.

Why do I have so many manly bits of clothing? Let's shift through this stuff..

Now where's that Fury.

Ah there you are, are you rea-
Lalalala. Primping ma face.
Er Fury.
Tralala Doctor Who loves me.
Get ready, right now.

I'll show you getting ready.

Amgs how did you do that instant change?
Magic my dear friend.
Wonderful, let's go.

Wait, why am I the sidekick?


  1. Yeah, why AM I the sidekick? >_<

  2. LMAO!! And I wanna know why Fury's the sidekick too. Can't you be equals? I suppose that wouldn't piss Fury off though and that's always fun...

  3. lol I love the Superhero and Sidekick intro shots! Awesomesauce~

  4. You know you love being the sidekick. :D

  5. As long as I don't have an annoying catchphrase it's all good with me... oh god you're going to give me one now aren't you? O_O

  6. Go on! Give Fury a catchphrase. If you don't I will and it'll most likely be a terrible play on her username... *evil laugh*

    I love winding people up!!