Saturday, 26 June 2010

Guess Who's Back.


Why the caps locks I do not know. However, what I do know is that myself and heat do not work well. One week away in Cornwall and I've come up in an oh so attractive looking heat rash.

Fabulous, ano. "/

On arriving back here though, I was checking out The Mare's Nest, as you do. I came across the nominations and found myself in one of the categories. I was not expecting that in the slightest. I was happily surprised to be even considered. :) Let alone if anyone votes.

On to other news, Chapter Three of Crossed Times is coming along nicely. Should be out next week. Sadly in Cornwall I found out my love for playing the sims 3 again and was addicted to playing my 'Alice and Kev' family. Which has now turned into the Bunch family. Awesomes.

Basically this is Kev's son, Ian, with Zelda Mae from the Langerak family. He's pretty cute in a fat chin sort of way. Hoot hoot birthday.
"Did someone say Hooters?"

This is the apple of my eye. Although I'm not too fond of apples. Anywho, this is Evelyn Bunch, daughter of Alice and Ethan Bunch. She's a smart little cutie. Cutie for a Bunch anyway.

Cutie grew up.
"Move your fat ass outta of my way!"

Eventually Evelyn caught up with her uncle Ian (snigger snigger). They're the best of friends. Which is pretty sweet and strange at the same time.

Sadly, Evelyn is rather clumsy like her mum.
"D'oh. Was that me? My bad."

Just a pregnant woman doing some chores here. Nothing to see here. Moving along.

"Oh my gawd. How is she that flexible like that?"

Ian had a birthday party to grow up. However, this uninvited guy stole the thunder by popping his clogs on the lawn. It must have been Pauline Wan's AWFUL guitar playing.

Alice gave birth to...a grandma drugged up on snot apparently.

Much better. Readers meet Charlotte Bunch. Cue 'awwwhs'.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

A Brief Interlude.

Hai Guyz.

Just to warn you, I may not be around for the next week. I'm off to Cornish Wall (aka Cornwall) for a holiday. :)

However, if I can get internet in the cabin there I'll still be around.

Hopefully a new chapter of Crossed Times will be out. I have some things to sort out and get over beforehand, but I should feel chipper again soon enough.


Tuesday, 15 June 2010

What a way to ruin a sim.

So, Fury was kind enough to lend me her Wolfie for a certain thing I was doing and well...

Let's just say Wolfie will be eagerly anticipating his departure of my game.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Testing, testing. One, two, three.

I admit it. I'm in love with my new laptop. So much so I've been testing it out and forgot to blog. Oops.

I've been fascinated by actually being able to see The Sims 3 landscape. Tis amaze.

I'm a landscape of Sunset Valley. Fear me.

I too am a landscape picture, but obviously much better than my brother above.

I'm a baby Evelyn from Alice and Kev family. I am cute even though I have Ethan Bunch's face. Coo at me.

And I'm...hey this teaser picture for Crossed Times isn't meant to be here.

My bad. ;)

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


My laptop is finally here. Wahey!

Now I'm doing the 'scouring every custom content site' dealio to find some shiz and spice up the game. :)

Which means another chapter of my story shall be out in a couple of days. :D

Monday, 7 June 2010

Stuck In A Rut.

Sigh. I really really want my laptop. I'm pining away for it. Y'see, since my graphics aren't really up to the standard I want for my story. I decided that waiting for my laptop to continue the story would be a fabulous idea.


PAH. Where's a laptop when you need one? Now I'm dying to continue the story but I can't. Boohoo. I can't even make shizz for it because I don't know where I've got the majority of my custom content in order to transfer it to my laptop, so I have to start again. Sob.

So I've been wasting away my time basically and have actually become addicted to playing a certain family.

Alice and Kev. They are pretty cool. I downloaded the epic family from here and have been playing them ever since. I actually loved playing Alice as a teen. A teen! Me? Core, I usually hate 'em. Nevermind.

I'll leave you with some pictures while I pine for my laptop.

Alice pounced on her prey. I thought perhaps I'd try the Bunch genes in a family for once. Instead of sneering at them every time one walked past.

Alice showing off her new hair.

Kev got married to Zelda Mae. I thought since he is trash and she looks a bit like...whorey trash I'd get them married. Turns out she's really sweet. My bad.

Kev is still a pillock.

River McIrish popped her clogs.

Kev kept arguing with Zelda so I think I did the right thing by having them break up. He moved out immediately AND found himself another girlfriend in the matter of 5 seconds. What the hell.

Alice also moved in Ethan and found out that he has a girlfriend. Grr. So now she's just swooning over her best friend while he's like lalala I haff girlfriend.

Damn sims.


Sunday, 6 June 2010

Thankiedoodles Times Two.

And a thanks to The Mares Nest for their lovely post.

Although I must admit that I don't have Ambitions yet (curse and that wasn't my cake. That was a random happy birthday cake. :D Just thought it'd go with the moment since I didn't have mine at that precise time.

Saturday, 5 June 2010


I just want to say thanks to:
VidKid20(or 21 ;])
and nym1997 for the birthday wishes. It was very kind of all of you. :D

And a special thank you to Beathanwhy, hippiedippie927 and KelleD014 whom gifted me fabulous gifts from the Sims 3 Store. Thank you very very much! You oh so wonderful people. :)

And of course, another thank you to the person who got their wishes out first (and wanted to punch me nineteen times). FuryRed (aka The Fuzzmeister). :D

You are all vair nice and I had a wonderful time. *throws cake at everyone*

Fat Ass Cake Strikes.

Cake goes roar.

And this was my cakiedoodles. :D There's tonnes of it left. Blargh.

I'm feeling stuffed with cake and rather sick. Lol.

It's Hit Me Too.

That's nice and all but erm. I don't have that many recommendations. At all. Plebs.

What a nice birthday present. Hahaha. :P


Okay, you win over my nineteen.


Thursday, 3 June 2010


Omgs. Doesn't the time fly when your sims stops working properly. :/ Yeh I have a glitchy problem with the new patch. I'm hoping it's just a dodgy mod. So I'm going to have to sieve my mods a little. Nevermind. Otherwise I quite like the new mod.

On to other news my birthday is Saturday (all gasp). I'll be 19. What a 'meh' age. Nothing special. :( But I'm hoping for a large cake with lots of yummy icing. Om nom nom. And my laptop would be good. >_>

It's a cake. Yum.

Which brings me onto meine story. I have the next chapter's picture ready so I just need to put words to the picture and hey presto! a chapter. That should be out tonight/tomorrow depending on how quickly I can write and proofread.

Hope you guys are okay with waiting, I want to make it perfecto (well, as close to as possible) afterall.

Also it may take a while for the third chapter since I'll have Ambitions by then and, obviously, I'll want to test it out and all that jazz. Hope that's okay too.