Monday, 26 April 2010

Eventually. :(

Hai all.

*Bitten waves*

Sadly I may have to remove myself from the sims 3 days for a while after tonight. I haff important exams coming up in 2 weeks time and I need to desperately revise, so I'll only be able to dip in and out of sims 3 territory. Not that any of you shall miss me. D:

But yes, tonight will be my last blabbing all over posts for a while. Until 2-3 weeks later when I shall be swinging into action!

Until then...keep simming (hopefully) ;]


  1. well i will miss you. :P
    but good luck on your exams, keep focused :D

  2. aw good luck! I will miss u and will be waiting for ur return. ^_^

  3. Nein nein nein nein nein! Oh go on then leave me... bloody exams. As long as you pop by to say hai in between revisions is all good :)

    Bon chance on your examinations! x

  4. Thank you peoples :D And I shall be back tehehehe

  5. Yuck. Exams. *vomits* Poor girl...