Wednesday, 28 April 2010

For that weird someone.

Well I had a marvelous idea that was greatly inspired by FuzzyRed (aka FuryRed). I decided to have a mish mash of editing and sims pictures in order to create a certain something. Because we all have a bit of pokemons lovin' in our heart.

And there it is! I enjoyed making it, hope you enjoyed reading it. ;D


  1. D: Ruddy Skankasaurus?! Just wait until I get my mitts on your Simself >_<

  2. TEHEHE.


    I did say I'd put you into some tramp clothing ;] And oh noes, not the grabby of the simself D;

  3. I thought you meant tramp as in hobo not as in slut! Lol :P

  4. Lulz4ever4lyfe!

    Great Sims 3 comic! I love Pokémon and loved this! It should be...

    [P3] Grimreaper fainted! FuzzyRed got 666 EXP! FuzzyRed rose to Level 238!

    [P4] What? FuzzyRed is evolving!

    [F5] *evolution theme*

    [F6] Congratulations! FuzzyRed has evolved into SKANKASAURUS! *fanfare*

    Great comic, though. ^_^