Monday, 31 May 2010

Crossed Times.

I've finally done it. Released the new chapter of my story! I must say I enjoyed creating this chapter immensely. :) Hope you enjoy it too.

I don't want to spoil anything, so here's the link!
Chapter 1

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Tootling Along (sorry Fury).

As I was saying I was wandering along one day when KERBLAM Fury releases a picture for her prison. Now being the eager muppet that I am studied the picture greatly and up until now I've held back my reaction to one thing. But I can no longer hold back.

Without further ado...

So I must ask you Fury, WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT? (my dirty mind exploded)

Ahem, on another note. A new chapter for my short story shall be out later :) I'm in the process of editing some shizz and writing down the story at the moment. Hope you stay tuned.

Times Flies.

I know, I know. I haven't posted for a while but I've been pondering things. I've been thinking for a while of changing my legacy. To be honest plan legacies aren't really my style, they don't have the whole SHEBANG that I need to keep me interested. Which has made me wonder what I need to spice it up a little. Which is where a new challenge comes in..

The Apocalypse Challenge. (cue duh-duh-duhhh music)

I thought because there's quite a few rules (to be broken ahem) for this challenge it would oomph me up a little. Which is where Apollo Ugworth comes in...

Why me?

He will begin the challenge and it will continue from there. Since I want to start this on my new laptop the prologue may not be out for 1-2 weeks. However I have got something planned in the meantime to keep me occupied.

I hope no one's too annoyed at me the stopping the normal legacy short but at least the genes shall continue!

Now, on with the show!

Monday, 24 May 2010

Trick or Treat?

Apparently EA prefer trick. They are vicious swines after all.

They're at it again with MegEgg. Banning her for shit all.
Someone needs to give EA a wedgie and a half. See how they like having their pants down. The evil buggars.

Perhaps we could all send hate mail to a computer magazine to name and shame EA for their nastiness towards their customers and lack of service.

See how they'd like that.

In Regards To Last Night.

Since EA deleted all threads to do with Nashville_Kittens (because he's a bullsack) they deleted my offensive (?) thread towards him.

The thread with a (if I do say so myself) amazing picture on it. Here it is to refresh your memory.

Snazzy? Yesh. Mature? No.

Oh well. :)

Sunday, 23 May 2010

You Are So Beautiful To Me.

Now get the fuck out. I've had enough of your little games.

New Chapter.

Hai guys. :D

My new chapter for the Ugworths is out. Click the Ugworth legacy picture to whisk you away.


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Up Close and Personal with the FuryRed !

FuryRed. Yes, that well known simmer across simtasia land. The simmer who completed a ghost guide and helped with all your dodgy custom content needs (not to mention the manual on how to get content from the exchange). Her Mars Legacy and story, Escape to Riverview, are highly read by many people thus giving her quite a status ;].

FuryRed willingly submitted herself to the torture of my interviewing. Here she is now (sort of) answering a few questions.

Howdy FuryRed, how are you doing on this fine fine day?
I'm doing good thank you, have been chilling with a JD and Pepsi as per usual.

Just a curious question, how did you create your username?
It's actually from a song. I was hoping maybe someone out there would pick up on it, but no one has :( The band in question is Foals, and the song is Big Big Love Fig.2 I likes the song, and as my hair is a lovely dyed red colour it just seemed to fit ^_^

What sims game did you first start on? Are you an original Sims 1 nerd?
Yeppers- I remember one of my friends back in middle school had Sims 1 and used to tell me about it as she'd created me. In the end I gots it for Christmas I thinks? And yeah, have been Simming since Sims 1- since I was about 13. I got mega addicted when it came to Sims 2 though, partly cause I didn't have a job at the time :P

If you had to rate The Sims (1, 2 and 3) games, how would you rank them?

Sims 1 was okay, understandably limited in a number of ways, but you could kill people with fireworks! That was fun XD
Sims 2 was majorly improved, especially as all the expansion packs came out.
It's kind of hard to compare it to Sims 3 at present cause we're not that far in, but if I had to compare it basegame to basegame... Sims 3 wins.

OhEmGeeYaySims wonders what you think of the expansion packs and stuff pack so far? And if you got to choose what sort of expansion would be next, what would you want?
Well I haven't purchased World Adventures or High End Loft Stuff, so I think that says it all. WA never really appealed to me because, due to my computer being a laggy bastard, I always just stay with my Sims at their home- I rarely even go out on the town, so to speak. Consequently, buggering off to whole other worlds is something my compizzle just can't handle, but even when I get a new one I wont buy it. The fact that the tombs don't reset and things... what's that all about?

If World Adventures had added a certain country would you have bought it? If yes, which country would have enticed you?
I don't think anything would really entice me to buy it that much, but if I could choose a world to be included... I dunno- it's tricky cause I've never been abroad (I know, I know). I think either Germany or Australia would have been cool though :)

Say Dinosaurs invaded your hometown, how would you survive?
I'd gather up my friends, fuck off to the seaside, and sail away from the horror.

People often want to know what inspires you to write. What would be the answer to this question?
I dunno, I guess it's just a skill I have? It's the only one though :P I don't know where my ideas or anything come from, I think I spend a lot of time daydreaming and I watch too much TV, so that probably helps. I'm kind of surprised that I have enough imagination to come up with all these stories, cause I used to try and write things as a kid and I could never plan things through and I lose interest really quickly. Somehow though with the Sims it's different, and that's naice.

In regards to your own legacy, The Mars Legacy, which is your favourite generation and why?
That's really tricky... I loved the storyline of Gen 3 (Harlow trying to win the Reaper's heart by killing peeps) but as an overall generation goes it was probably Gen 5. Do you ever sometimes just love your Sims far too much cause of the faces they pull and things? Gen 5 was like that because of Camden ^.^

The Mars Legacy is incredibly popular due to its humor and variety of simmies.

How do you feel when you discover people have used you in their stories/legacies?

I know a lot of people are funny about things like this, all 'ohh you can't use my Sims without asking me how dare you', but to be honest if you put your Sims out there they're not yours anymore, so you can't complain about it. Most of the time people do ask, and my answer will always be the same- do what you want with me. It's nice that people would want to use my Simmieself really, and if they do I definitely pop in to read it. Besides, a lot of the time- like in the case of a certain Ugworth Legacy- the result can be very amusing ; )

Zeri would like to know how it feels to be so awesome?

Lols, it doesn't feel much of anything... mebbe a bit tingly?
Awesomeness is perceived anyways- whether people think I'm awesome-o or whether they don't, I'm still the same person.

What is your favourite saying? Or perhaps some favourite words?

My favourite saying changes on a weekly basis, at the moment though I'm really feeling the phrase 'gender bender' XD
With regards to favourite words I always like ones with lots of syllables. The best one is Benzodiazapenes, or Iatrogenesis (both words I learnt in my Psychomacology A Level).

Metalz would like to know what is your take on adding laundry to the sims? Yay or nay?
I dunooooo really. If your Sims could die by getting pulled into the washing machine that's would be acecakes, but I highly doubt it. Other than that it's just laundy ennit, who gives a fridge? I can't see what would be fun about that, though I reckons I'll deffo try it out.

I know your legacy was (and still is) extremely popular, have you thought of starting another? If you did, would you do a certain theme?
I definitely plan to do another legacy (though not for a while yet). I have to really cause otherwise I wont play my game at all. Ever since the Mars Legacy started I haven't just played the game, and I don't think I'll ever do so again without taking pics. Besides, legacying is funzies.
Theme-wise I dunno. I've thought about all the variants- uglacies, rainbowcies and all that, but I'm a traditionalist and I'll be sticking to just the general legacy shiz, though might chuck all the rules out of the window... oh right I did that a bit the last time didn't I *shifty eyes*

What is your favourite genre of sim story to read?

Comedy XD Although I don't like stories that try too hard to be funny- there's a bunch legacies out there start out with the founder arguing with the narrator cause I guess it's meant to be amusing. I'm supposed to like your Sim so I don't know why they do that- put them down and things. There's so many like that it's ridonkulous.
But yeah, stories with a dark sense of humour are my fave in particular. I also like a good drama every now and then.

Some people may been wondering, what skin do you use for your simmies?

Tis Peggy's atm. I've fannied about with others and settled on this, though the manly one is a bit toooo manly for my liking.

On the topic of custom content. What sites do you use? Got any favourites you care to share?
I'm a bit of a CC hoarder so I get stuff from all over the place. Specifically though I really like SkySims clothing, Lady Frontbum has awesome makeup, skins, etc., and I likes places like Skeletal Screams, Miss Skitty, Club Crimsyn, and Kitty Klan for all my tattoo and alternative type needs.

What is your favourite hair to use on male and female sims?

For males I love love LOVE the Aikea Guinea edit of TumTum Simiolino's Anto Conversion. It's so pretty!
Regarding female hair though I haven't really found one that I'm madly in love with, sadly :(

Say you got stuck in a looney bin and had to be stuck for eternity with one Guru. Which would you choose and why?
Fucking hell. Do I get a shotgun? Erm erm, I guess mebbe SimGuruPopTart, cause then if I went proper fucking mental I could imagine she was a real poptart and go all cannibal style on her assets.

As we know they're have been many problems on the forums lately. However what has been one of your favourite moments on the forums?
I remember way back when there were times when I couldn't tear myself off the forums until like 2am. One such time was when a Simmer called Patty something I think said there was a ghost in her game, and it just turned into a bit of a snarkfest which to be honest was very funny. You don't get that anymore- these days the threads get locked proper quick and people get banned, which sounds like a good thing but there's a lot of fun suckage going on, and the wrong people get punished.
More recently than that I used to have a jolly good time on the Supernatural thread with Random and Miracle and that, but when they created the new sections the thread got lost for weeks and we all just kind of lost interest.

Out of all your sim creations, which is your favourite?
I think it has to be Drew Valentine. He's so smexy for a Sim it's ridonkulous, and I'm rather proud of him cause I used to just make Sims that were quite cartoony and he's pretty real looking, so I've come a long way. Also, he was my first posting on MySims3Blog that had only positive comments, and we all know what that site can be like.

FuryRed has many sims available to download, superb sims.

On the exchange do you have a simmer's creations you most admire?

I dunno really, there's no real one person I drool over, I kind of just dip in and out of people's studios and pick things I like. I'm a dirty scavenger ;)

A certain simmer wanted to know, is your hair really as red as your simself?

At the moment no actually- I'm looking in the mirror feeling disappointed with the redness of ma hur. My hair needs to dye soon methinks, it's faded to like a darkish red... can things fade dark?

How long has it been since you created a sim family and played them?
I don't think I've ever done that actually, I only ever make single Sims to play. But anyways, the last one of those was Riley Mars in t'beginning of ma legacy.
Which do you think is the ugliest pre made sim created in TS2 and TS3?
There were a lot of right fugly bastards in TS2 weren't there, though generally they were townies. In TS3 the Bunch family have to win it don't they? Creepy pale albino kids...

Besides The Sims do you have any other video games you like to play?
Oh yes, fuckloads. I'm kind of dipping in and out of Pokemon SoulSilver atm, unfortunately I'm finding it's not that great. Other than that I'm a Playstation girl- I really heart Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, will probably start playing it again for the millionth time soon actually- and I also have a soft spot for Lego Indiana Jones and Star Wars :P Ooh ooh, Guitar Hero and Timesplitters2 are ace as well XD

If the The Sims was to become a film and the protagonist was Bella Goth, which actress should play that part?

Lol, what an interesting question. I really don't know- I'm trying to think of someone with dark hair and my mind is blanking. Mebbe give it to Lindsay Lohan? She hasn't had any work in a while and she could bring a certain sad sluttyness to the role.

A Fury eating zombie just climbed through your window, what are you going to do?
I'd shine a disco ball in their eyes to disorientate them, then knock their head off with a chinese throwing star.

Out of the premade families, which do you prefer from TS1, TS2 and TS3?

To be honest I never had time for premades. I barely remember the any from TS1, and in TS2 the only ones I played were the Roth family- but that's because my Sim was a whore and I made her get preggers by Morty Roth right in front of his wife Stella, then made him divorce her and move out. My Sim's garbage bin was kicked over so much after that... Let it go bitch, he left you!
Ahem, with regards to TS3 I never looked at the premades twice- they all seem facially retarded anyways. The TS3 team need to work on some hotties for next time.

After you've completed 'Escape to Riverview', do you intend to create another story?

Well, it kind of depends on when I finish ETR. I've got to a sticking point atm and the story is having a hiatus in my mind, cause I'm not quite sure what to do next and I know if I push myself to write something it'll come out crap. ETR is gonna be a pretty long term thing anyways, but whilst it's going on I'm sure I'll have other things happening, like The Stanford Prison Experiment (starting soon!) and another legacy at some point.

Are you happy with the Sunset Valley families? Or do you think it should have included different families? Perhaps should have been a further sequel to Sims 2?
You know I was disappointed that they didn't have like a backstory of the neighbourhood like they did in TS1 and 2, so at first I didn't even realise it was a prequel to Sims 2. When I realised though I don't think I could have given less of a fuck.

One final important question; Which do you think is the ugliest pre made sim created in TS2 and TS3?
There were a lot of right fugly bastards in TS2 weren't there, though generally they were townies. In TS3 the Bunch family have to win it don't they? Creepy pale albino kids...

And there we have it folks, the famous FuryRed! Up close and personal (oher).

Officially Scared of the Internet.

I was ambling along on Sims Wiki as you do. Reading some theories about Olive Spector and what do I happen to see out of the corner of my eye?

Now I don't know about you, but this freaked the hell out of me. I was expecting some sort of snuff video to appear. This surely would have scarred me for life. And the rest of you I'm sure (unless your some sort of sadistic person, hey its a free country)

As tempted as I was to click it, I refrained.

Sadly I wish I'd clicked it now to see what it was.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Chapter 10 ?

Ah yes Chapter 10 of the Legacy is within your grasp!

It's not as long as normal but that would be because my pc decided to freeze. However I managed to save the progress beforehand. :)

Hope you enjoy the chapter.

Chapter 10

Saturday, 15 May 2010



Time to celebrate!

I feel relieved and now slightly worried. Always good. Hopefully I'll be able to update the legacy more frequently and annoy people much more. :)

Although in all honesty I've been around much more than I thought I would have been during my exam period. Oops. I curse all of you for distracting me. D:

But yeh anyway. It's also my birthday soon, so I may throw one of those ol' fashioned sim parties. Just for giggles that it gives me. Just expect a whole lotta sim action.

Because I'm in the zone. >;]

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Update update update.

Original post name I know. ;]

But! Chapter 9 of my legacy is out. :D

Chapter 9

Monday, 10 May 2010

Kill me and hang me out to dry.

EEEE. Exams. I hate 'em.
Anyone care to share with me how to analyse Pope and Swift? |:
But yeh, hopefully I'll update the legacy some time this week. It may be Saturday though, if that's okay.

Now I'm off to read and cry and all sorts of other mentally retarded things.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Finally here!

Part 7 and 8 of my legacy, The Ugworths, if finally up and running around headless!

Click the picture to the right to whisk you away to the new part. ;]

I Spy.

It's a new banner! D:

What d'ya think? I'm not sure if I like it immensely, but we'll see how it flows. :)

Monday, 3 May 2010

Something funny is going on here.




As in why are old threads being given another chance to express their year old complaints. Don't we have enough nowadays?
I smell something musky and old. And no it's not my fat cat. They are infiltrating, coming back to haunt us. We must hunt down the people who are causing this and give them some cookies to back away.


That is all.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Simself love.

I decided that my simself was just not up to representing me anymore so I seeked another creator who is much much better at making simselves than me.
Aka Kelle!

Thank ye very much Kelle. I loves my simmyself. :)