Monday, 19 April 2010

Cake. Why are thou so tasty?

I, BittenAngel, made cake.

Om nom nom.

It's pretty good, if only my mother hadn't helped me make it. Haha. I'm 18 years old and my mother helped me make cake.

Oh dear, I swear she kept looking over my shoulder!

Either way, it's good cake. Fatty goodness, I heart thee!


  1. Hey i'm 20, and my mum still helps me bake =P I sucks at cooking >_<

    What type of cake was it? *bounces* cake is gooood =D

  2. Just your average sponge cake with jam and lots of icing...*drool*

    Haha! Why is it mum's seem to be so much better at making cake? :(

  3. I'm 14 and I'm not allowed to touch the oven. LOL! I like decorating it. What colour icing did you use?

  4. We only had the standard icing sort, no colouring :(

    But it did taste vanillary :D

  5. Mmm I wants some caek... ZOMGZ I'm gonna make caek tomorrow now- no doing productive things on my dae off for meh, just cakemaking and Simming ^_^

    Ooh maybe carrot cake...

  6. mm cake. i love baking. now i want to bake somthing yummy.. i wonder if i have cake mix? or cookies. ooo who wants cookies?? homemade oatmeal raaasin?

  7. Cake mix?! Cheater :P

    Although, I succumbed to the joy of cookie mix the other dae- tis so much quicker and easier ; )