Monday, 7 June 2010

Stuck In A Rut.

Sigh. I really really want my laptop. I'm pining away for it. Y'see, since my graphics aren't really up to the standard I want for my story. I decided that waiting for my laptop to continue the story would be a fabulous idea.


PAH. Where's a laptop when you need one? Now I'm dying to continue the story but I can't. Boohoo. I can't even make shizz for it because I don't know where I've got the majority of my custom content in order to transfer it to my laptop, so I have to start again. Sob.

So I've been wasting away my time basically and have actually become addicted to playing a certain family.

Alice and Kev. They are pretty cool. I downloaded the epic family from here and have been playing them ever since. I actually loved playing Alice as a teen. A teen! Me? Core, I usually hate 'em. Nevermind.

I'll leave you with some pictures while I pine for my laptop.

Alice pounced on her prey. I thought perhaps I'd try the Bunch genes in a family for once. Instead of sneering at them every time one walked past.

Alice showing off her new hair.

Kev got married to Zelda Mae. I thought since he is trash and she looks a bit like...whorey trash I'd get them married. Turns out she's really sweet. My bad.

Kev is still a pillock.

River McIrish popped her clogs.

Kev kept arguing with Zelda so I think I did the right thing by having them break up. He moved out immediately AND found himself another girlfriend in the matter of 5 seconds. What the hell.

Alice also moved in Ethan and found out that he has a girlfriend. Grr. So now she's just swooning over her best friend while he's like lalala I haff girlfriend.

Damn sims.



  1. Why would you need to know where CC is from in order to transfer it to your shiny new laptop? You can copy/paste all that shiz yo, providing you have a portable external harddrive or whatev.

    I want my new comp too! Ooh I got paid todae actually- must go see how close to affording things I am now...

  2. I don't an external whatsymacallit. :(

    So i'm starting afresh with the CC. Hopefully it won't take me too long to download shizz. Besides I can still do some of it without building things.

    We'll just see how it flows Fuzzle.

  3. Get one! Seriously it's so useful for backing up all your shizzle- I keep copies of all my CC and saved games on mine in case anything goes tits up (which is likely).

  4. Biter, Zelda is SO preety in your game. Remind meh to change her hair and clothes in my game, too . . .
    And Alice is ever so adorable . . . where did you get her eyes? (That sounds creepy, lol.)