Thursday, 3 June 2010


Omgs. Doesn't the time fly when your sims stops working properly. :/ Yeh I have a glitchy problem with the new patch. I'm hoping it's just a dodgy mod. So I'm going to have to sieve my mods a little. Nevermind. Otherwise I quite like the new mod.

On to other news my birthday is Saturday (all gasp). I'll be 19. What a 'meh' age. Nothing special. :( But I'm hoping for a large cake with lots of yummy icing. Om nom nom. And my laptop would be good. >_>

It's a cake. Yum.

Which brings me onto meine story. I have the next chapter's picture ready so I just need to put words to the picture and hey presto! a chapter. That should be out tonight/tomorrow depending on how quickly I can write and proofread.

Hope you guys are okay with waiting, I want to make it perfecto (well, as close to as possible) afterall.

Also it may take a while for the third chapter since I'll have Ambitions by then and, obviously, I'll want to test it out and all that jazz. Hope that's okay too.



  1. You're birthday is Saturday? Mine's on Friday and my friend's was today. Weird, huh?

  2. That is pretty weird. O.O June is a popular month. ;]

  3. Happy birthday!
    And yeah, June is popular, my sisters birthday is the 15th!

  4. Thank you very much. :D I intend to put a picture of my cake. Cause its fatass. :)