Thursday, 17 June 2010

A Brief Interlude.

Hai Guyz.

Just to warn you, I may not be around for the next week. I'm off to Cornish Wall (aka Cornwall) for a holiday. :)

However, if I can get internet in the cabin there I'll still be around.

Hopefully a new chapter of Crossed Times will be out. I have some things to sort out and get over beforehand, but I should feel chipper again soon enough.



  1. Nuhhhhhhhhhh no holidae away from me!

    Having said that, I have just organised going to Wales in July myself ^_^

  2. I beats both of you =P Random is going to Cyprus next month. Nur nur xD

    Have funsies Bitten =D

  3. Ah, tis not technically a holiday tho - Its to visit my Granddady and Uncle... and my uncles creepy roomate >_<