Sunday, 30 May 2010

Tootling Along (sorry Fury).

As I was saying I was wandering along one day when KERBLAM Fury releases a picture for her prison. Now being the eager muppet that I am studied the picture greatly and up until now I've held back my reaction to one thing. But I can no longer hold back.

Without further ado...

So I must ask you Fury, WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT? (my dirty mind exploded)

Ahem, on another note. A new chapter for my short story shall be out later :) I'm in the process of editing some shizz and writing down the story at the moment. Hope you stay tuned.


  1. You're FILTHY... but I like it ;)

    It's just, erm, a stain? The neonness definitely doesn't help matters...