Sunday, 18 July 2010

Im Alive. I Swear! (and a message for the twit called Jess.)


It being moi.

Hai. :)

Sorry about lack of updates and all around swarming of peoples blogs. I haven't really been online in a while. Real life and all that jazz. Who knew it existed. I certainly didn't.

Having said that, I have been keeping up to date with all commotions including certain people and generally spying like a good ol'...spy? For once though I was just watching not typing. Otherwise I think a big spew of violent words may have come forth. Not a pretty sight I must admit.

Anywayz, back in real life. I've been chillin' around in theatres. YEHAW. And making a pirate costume for my parents friends party...lul. Free booze anyone?

Hohum. ANYWAY. I thought I'd just shove some piccies on here to entice people to the world of theatre.

Love Never Dies in London. :) Because everyone needs a Phantom in their heart. EPIC.

Blood Brothers in London. Was pretty awesome. ;D I approve.

Les Miserables Touring in Bristol. I saw it last night. WAS AMAZING. AHHH.

Enticed to theatre yet? :)


Now onto a more serious note. As I mentioned early I have been watching all blogs and things very closely. And I have something I want to say to a certain person.

Jess, I've known what you've been like since the very beginning when things went downhill for a moment between FuryRed and Abby. And all I can say is. Screw you. You need to grow up. You've made many people I like on these blogs upset and pissed off. An accomplishment I must admit. Not an accomplishment to be proud of mind you. You're a conniving girl who seems nice at first and then snaps when she doesn't get her own way. Look at your 'BFF' for example. You chased her off. You seem to have a habit of provoking people and then back tracking on your words when fire seems to come your way.

So, what I'm saying is. Quit now. Before you hurt anyone else I care about. Otherwise you'll regret it.

Oh and by the way. When telling your mum about this 'mean girl' on the blogs, say hi for me.

/end of bitch rant.

I'm sorry if anyone else has been offended by the latter of this post. However, I had to get that off my chest.


  1. BITTEN!!!! *HUGGLES* your back yey :D.
    I missed u lol, great news I finally got my own blog yey and I love theaters :D. Ahah we just go to plain hazlet thearter in maidstone not all that nice stuff in london lol :D Sooooo Im guessing lifes been good, i can tellbecause u watching theater >:D lol. Hows u todaii though

  2. I'm going to see Phantom in February for my birthday. Can't wait. :D

  3. Hai Stacie :) Congrats on the new blog! I'm guttt.

    And ohoh you're seeing Phantom Arcanalia? EEE. It is all kinds of awesome. <3!

  4. I'm so excited. I've been wanting to see it for ages now, so I figured I'd use my 18th as an excuse. :P I've heard it's awesome. I'm debating going to see them both...Too tempting!

  5. Aieee! See Love Never Dies while Ramin Karimloo is the Phantom.

    He. Is. AMAZING. :)

  6. I'm going to have to see both then! I'm very curious as to how they actually managed to do a sequel...

  7. Well you may want to ignore the story...haha. It's not the best. However, the music is superb. :)!

  8. I'm so jealous. I love theater but the rednecks in my state are rednecks. :/

  9. ^ Offensive. Very offensive, Amiee. ^ ;D Nah, dun worry about it.

    And hai, Biter. :)

  10. OMG you are sooo lucky to see all those musicals. I saw Blood Brothers at the Bristol Hippodrome earlier this year and it was awesome. :)

  11. I'm happy just as long as this music is good. :D I take it you'd recommend seeing both then? :P

  12. Hell yeah :)

    I adore the Phantom's music. Soooo amazing. <3!

  13. Firstly, I just wanna say that I don't give a shit what you or FuryRed say about me because my REAL friends on here know that I am a good person. I am not perfect, nor do I live to please you. You can say what you like about me because at the end of the day I am the stronger person.

    And for the record, it was Blazaxx who ended the friendship because I 'made her feel suicidal'. Anyway, that's ver now and so is the FuryRed thing. I understand that you are her friend and the need to remain loyal to her, but honestly she took what I said the wrong way. Still, no point in explaining it to you, because you won't listen, I just thought I'd have my say.

    And hey, at least you know I've read it now! Tra.

    Oh and by the way, there's no need for a full stop after my name in your post title as it's in brackets. =-)

  14. I think you've missed the entire point of my post Jess.

    Also you can put full stops in brackets. Don't try acting smart.

  15. Hmm that's funny Jess how every time you say something harsh and anger some people it's never your fault. No, it's always a 'misunderstanding' isn't it...

    I don't think people misunderstand you at all, I think you misunderstand human behaviour. You cannot post confrontational things about people and not expect them to fight back.

    Now I'm used to you picking at me but Bitten has never done a thing to you, yet somehow you still think it's acceptable to take issue with her (calling her a slut on Kelle's chatbox for example). Now not only that, but you've also recently managed to upset Random, Cele, and RD- three of the nicest people I know in the Sims world. And what was their crime? ...Anyone?

    Not a single one of them scolded you for posting that IP address, yet somehow they made you 'feel like shit'? You make yourself feel like shit through your own spineless and vindictive behaviour. The Mares were cross with a number of people over double standards; the fact that you twisted it to use as your own argument without even thinking about how it might make other people feel just shows how much you care.

    I just hope they now see you for what you really are.
    You once considered these people your friends. If this is how you treat people in real life it's no wonder you haven't got any.

    And this of course is without mentioning the fact that you dragged me into it- bringing up a completely unrelated issue you have with my blog just to add fuel to the fire Fucking. Ridiculous.

    Now with regards to this me and you thing, let me just take this opportunity to say one thing. GET OVER IT.

    When I made that Word Vomit post it wasn't even all about you, it was addressed generally and yours was just one of the screenshots used. The fact that you reacted so poorly to it just shows your own bad character. Several months on from it all and guess who's the only one who's still got a problem? You.

    Oh, but I know you like to say so often that these issues are over- mine and yours, yours and Blazaxx's, but maybe you should put that theory into practise huh? You say it's over, but you make petty comments towards me whenever I enter the same chatbox you're in. You say it's over, but you make inflamatory posts about Blazaxx, your former BFF.

    Your mother told you to stay away from me, so here's a piece of advice.
    Fucking listen to her.

    I've not said one harmful or abusive thing to you in these past few months, but now I've reached the end.

    Leave me be. Stop following my blog. Forget I exist.

    I've put up with your vendetta for too long now, so know this: if you carry on with your corrosive behaviour, if you continue to try and get a rise out of me, if you attempt to make Random, Cele, RD, Bitten or any other poor soul feel bad I will shut you down.

    You're a poisonous little witch, and I really hope everyone learns their lesson after dealing with you.

  16. I went to see love never dies it was Just Wow I loved it. I am A big fan of phantom of the opera probbely from my mom


    Bitten, I've never been to any kind of production, opera, or theater, and I would love to go. My hubby's seen Phantom in Canada, and says he wants to take me someday. Looks like you had quite a time =)

  18. Wow... Jess must be so... I've never seen Fury this enraged about anyone. I follow her blog and her legacies, and I respect her very much. But YEESH! Fighting on the internet is totally useless! I mean, really! The people who pick a fight do it for attention. They do it because, you can't stop them(I know blocking but), its their type of "game". They say shit about someone, the person gets angry, fights back, they win.
    I for one have been lurking, and is getting sick of this! I think everyone is! Like children they are... I'm trying to say something and I'm not sure if I make any sense, but those people can s.t.f.u.

    I agree totally with Fury! AMEN!

    Bitten, I've never been to any place like that. It sounds amazing! I would love to go someplace like that and see a performance that good. =]